[2019] Motion 73 Justice for Colombia

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress is deeply alarmed at recent findings by the International Trade Union
Confederation on violence against trade unionists in Colombia. The ITUC says
Colombia accounted for almost two-thirds of worldwide trade unionist murders in 2018, with 34 out of 53 documented cases committed there.

These shocking figures are more than double Colombia’s tally of 15 murders the previous year, which even then made it the world’s most dangerous country for trade unionists. More than 3,000 trade unionists have been killed in Colombia in the last 30 years.

Colombia is among the worst countries for general labour conditions, which
is directly connected to violence against labour organising. Congress believes
ending this violence will not only save lives but improve conditions for millions of working people.

Despite the violence, the world’s richest countries have invited Colombia to join the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development even though its record violates established standards on labour conditions.

Congress notes that the UN says implementing the 2016 peace agreement is
critical to tackling violence in Colombia. More than 700 social activists, trade
unionists and FARC former guerrillas have been murdered since the agreement was signed.

Congress asks the General Council to:
i. lobby the British government to pressure the Colombian government for full
implementation of the peace agreement
ii. support Colombia’s exclusion from the OECD until it drastically cuts violence
against trade unionists and social activists
iii. support the work of Justice for Colombia politically and financially and
encourage all unions to affiliate.