[2023] Motion 78 RISKS e-newsletter

carried motion
Carried motion

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For many years the TUC’s weekly RISKS e-newsletter has been an invaluable source of information for health and safety reps across the country alongside the quarterly Hazards magazine. RISKS provides information and analysis on what the government, the TUC, trade unions and other relevant organisations are doing, as well as on campaigns, workplace victories on health and safety and on-going struggles, relevant scientific and technical information on all aspects of health, safety, environment and just transition.

On 23 June, the Hazards Campaign was informed – without any warning or consultation – that TUC had cancelled RISKS with immediate effect, apparently following the withdrawal of funding by Thompson’s Solicitors. This is a major blow to health and safety reps, especially those working in smaller unions without a dedicated health and safety department and to union health and safety officers at all levels within our unions.

This conference registers our concern and disapproval at the abrupt manner in which RISKS has been cancelled and call upon the TUC to reconsider the decision, including seeking alternative sources of financial support;

This conference instructs the TUC to:
i. consult with Hazards magazine with a view to urgently maximising and increasing support and additional funding to ensure the security and sustainability of the magazine

ii. urge all trade councils, union branches and safety reps to ensure they are subscribed to Hazards magazine and encourage others to do so immediately.

Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association